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We provide repair services for lasers. We also carry a limited inventory of RF CO2 lasers and may, from time to time, provide a rental or trade so that there is no production time lost.  Please complete the form below to request a repair quote for your laser.

At the time of repair, or need for a gas refill, some customers choose to upgrade their laser to a higher power by trading in their old laser to offset the cost.  Upgrades on laser engraving machines vary in complexity, and are often simple, requiring merely the DC power supply and the upgraded CO2 RF laser.  Use the search box for your model of laser engraver or RF laser to see upgrade options with pricing.

We also carry an inventory of accessories, including Diamond K series controllers, Synrad Universal Controllers, such as the UC-1000, and have our own line of controllers for DEOS, G series lasers, Synrad lasers, and Coherent lasers.

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Below are examples of lasers serviced or repaired:
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