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Coherent K series controller. Fully tested and operational.  Provides user interface and remote input for control. Includes all cables and interlock defeat device.


One year warranty.

Fits  Coherent K500, Coherent K250, Coherent K225i, Coherent K150, Coherent D84, Coherent D64, Coherent D88i.

A useful asset.

Pre-Owned Coherent K series controller for CO2 lasers


$ 1520.00

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  • This product is great for owners of Synrad lasers, either stand-alone or located inside laser machines.

  • Great for building a laser machine, or upgrading a Chinese laser machine to incorporate a high quality Synrad CO2 laser.

  • Works well with Universal Lasers Systems (ULS) RF metal tube lasers that require the tickle pulse.

  • Great for all powers of Synrad lasers, whether the 48-1, 48-2, or 48-5 CO2 lasers to 50 watts, or higher power Synrad lasers including the EVO series lasers and 57 series laser and 60 series duo lasers.

  • A great substitute for the much more expensive Synrad Universal Laser Controller, the UC-2000.

  • A great diagnostic tool to determine causes of low or intermittent laser power issues on Synrad and UL-50/UL-30/UL-25 lasers manufactured by Universal Laser Systems.

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