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Mahoney Eyes-Nose-Mouth-KN95-Filtration-Device-Continuous-UV-Disinfection


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Mahoney brand:



Add extra personal protection with a battery-powered UV lamp that continuously disinfects the filters

  • Ultraviolet Lamp de-activates coronavirus DNA 

  • Battery belt pack

  • Rechargeable battery to ten hours of operation

  • Spare battery included

  • Filtered air protection with active carbon and N95 grade filtration

  • Breath easily and naturally through nose and mouth

  • Face mask covers eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Natural fog resistant design

  • Comes with a ten pack of spare KN95 grade insert filters

  • Comes with two spare active carbon filters

  • Comfortable thick straps hold to head firmly

  • Safe, sealed, flexible, and comfortable edges secure face mask to head   

  • Selectable sizes from children to adult

  • Color preference selection

  • Appealing design 

  • Comfortable fit

  • Large viewing area

  • Easy to speak and be heard nearby

 $699 with free shipping in USA, and free shipping world-wide if purchased with Bitcoin

 Note: KN95 insert filter only, not a stand-alone KN95 mask that is used by hospitals--therefore, this product does not remove an KN95 mask from circulation for hospitals.


Bell Laser has leveraged its new product development and design experience in filtration to provide you with innovate new devices to assist in your personal protection from coronavirus.  The new products--launched under our Mahoney, simplified devices, brand name--enable the wearer to have an added level of personal protection equipment that provides great features above the more commonly offered PPE.  


Though medical studies are making strides to discover all the mechanisms that contribute to the spread of novel coronavirus, there remain many unknowns.  The Mahoney design combines commonly used facial PPE (an N95 mask and goggles) to create a singular solution in a large full face mask.  KN95 (N95 equivalent without certification/registration fee) filtration is provided to provide top-rated filtration.  Importantly, all packaged in an appealing design that can be worn comfortably in many different environments and situations (home, office, and more).


And, going a step further, Mahoney offers a product that includes the full-face mask with KN95 rated filtration, combined with UV disinfection, complete with a battery pack that permits ten (10) hours of usage before a recharge is required.  No other supplier, that we know of, offers this capability.  The capability (much like our stand-alone Mahoney Air UV-GI HEPA filtration product), offers disinfection to the filter and an active carbon filter for the wearer of the product.  This disinfection combination offers an added level of safety in PPE.

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