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2.5" Premium grade Focus Lens w/holder fits Trotec Speedy 400.

Regular Price: $195.00   

Sale Price: $139.40

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The premium quality 2 1/2" focal length lens for Trotec Speedy Q400 and Q500 machines and also Rayjet r400 and r500 machines is a good, multi-purpose engraving and cutting lens.  It provides good quality engraving over very large areas, with minimal change in engraving dot sizes.  In other words, the variation in height fluctuations of materials and the machine's table, over larger areas is offset by using this lens.  The same is true for cutting as well.  And, certainly it can be used for any size job whether small or large.


2 1/2" Focus Lens with holder for Trotec Q series including the Speedy Q400 and Speedy Q500 Laser Engraving machines, and also the Rayjet R series including the Rayjet r400 and Rayjet r500. Features premium grade focus lens.

Low price, good quality. Why pay excessive prices? High quality machined aluminum base. Premium grade lens. Save a bundle.

Add a quality lens to your Trotec Laser Engraver today.

Features the premium grade focus lens. Great for most laser engraving work.

Includes both the silver anodized lens holder with lens attached.

Fast installation. Simply remove the old lens/holder and insert this lens/holder. Nothing could be faster!

A useful asset.

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