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Often, laser engraver and laser cutter owners, whether USA brand name owners such as Epilog Laser, ULS, Trotec, and Xenetech, or Chinese laser machinery owners, want more capability.  RF metal tube laser upgrades for are available for both Western and Eastern laser engraving machines.  For the Western machines, this typically means more power and thicker cutting or faster engraving.  For Eastern, or Chinese laser engraver owners, this translates to improved laser engraving quality. Use the search box, for your RF laser model, your machine name, or laser power, or browse below. 

Contact us directly using the form at the bottom of this page, to spell out your needs for an upgrade. List the laser powers you desire and we will provide a quote, using our inventory of gas refillable metal tube lasers, or brand new glass tube lasers.

Get the power that you need to grow your business.

TROTEC LASER ENGRAVER OWNERS (Speedy 100, Speedy 300, Speedy 400). We have a Synrad T100 available for upgrade $6300. First come takes it.

Universal Laser Systems engraver owners (ULS owners).  We have 50 and 60 watt upgrade packages for $4600. Get your upgrade while available.

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