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Mahoney Controller for Coherent G50 and Coherent G100 CO2 lasers


$ 220.00

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Mahoney laser controller for Coherent G series lasers. Includes the proper voltage range, PWM signal, and duty cycle for proper operation.

One year warranty.

A useful asset.


  • This product is great for owners of Synrad lasers, either stand-alone or located inside laser machines.

  • Great for building a laser machine, or upgrading a Chinese laser machine to incorporate a high quality Synrad CO2 laser.

  • Works well with Universal Lasers Systems (ULS) RF metal tube lasers that require the tickle pulse.

  • Great for all powers of Synrad lasers, whether the 48-1, 48-2, or 48-5 CO2 lasers to 50 watts, or higher power Synrad lasers including the EVO series lasers and 57 series laser and 60 series duo lasers.

  • A great substitute for the much more expensive Synrad Universal Laser Controller, the UC-2000.

  • A great diagnostic tool to determine causes of low or intermittent laser power issues on Synrad and UL-50/UL-30/UL-25 lasers manufactured by Universal Laser Systems.

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