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CO2 Laser Beam Alignment Objective by Be
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Mahoney CO2 Laser Beam Alignment Visualization Tool




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Visualization Tool for Laser Engraving Cutting Machines.


The beam alignment visualization tool can easily pay for itself with just one or several uses.


Examples include:

(1)  Visual spot check for the laser work table prior to running a laser job--to determine that the laser is aligned as needed for the material size to be lasered.

(2)  Fast correction for laser misalignment that causes not-straight cuts.

(3)  Fast correction for laser misalignment that causes laser engraving depth and quality to vary over the material.

(4)  Speedier laser beam alignment to ensure the laser machine is operating correctly.

(5)  Saving costly material losses by enabling frequent, fast laser beam alignment

(6)  Performing a full laser beam alignment without causing the risk of soot or sticky fumes floating onto expensive mirrors and optics.

(7)  Speedily adjusting laser tube alignment to match gantry alignment after standard beam alignment failed to produce adequate results.  In other words, rather than forgoing this alignment procedure because it took too much time using antiquated methods, laser operators get the full and complete beam alignment done to its maximum accuracy for their laser engraver/cutter machine because they do not quit early but see the alignment task through to completion.



The visualization tool shows the raw CO2 laser beam for CO2 lasers (8-11 microns) with at least 40 watts of power available illuminate the tool. Works for laser machines including CO2 lasers engravers and cutters with mirror mounts manufactured in China.  Laser machines include GW Weike, and others.


Each visualization tool is fully tested, aligned, and each tool has an engraved serial number.


Comes with instructions and convenient storage container.


OPTIONAL: Add camera viewing to enable your laptop/PC to show an enlarged live view of the CO2 laser beam displayed with cross-hairs.  The camera permits more convenient viewing as the laser operator's computer can be positioned to view while simultaneously adjusting mirror mount alignment, then jogging the gantry/focus assembly then further adjusting--all while the CO2 laser remains on with a visual beam for alignment calibration.




Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

IMPORTANT:  Always follow CO2 laser safety requirements as specified by the government and LIA (Laser Institute of America).

A useful device for Laser Engravers:


  • This product is great for owners of carbon dioxide laser engraving machines, laser engraving systems, laser cutting machines, laser cutting systems.

  • Compatible with many Chinese-made mirror mounts that are installed in laser machines branded by G.W. Weike, Boss Laser, and many others.

  • Using the centering cross-hairs, align the CO2 laser beam and your inline red dot pointer, to ensure perfect alignment.

  • It even works with CO2 glass tube lasers including RECI, EFR, Jilin Yong Li, Mactron Technology, North Star Electron, Shanghai Jinke Intelligent Technology, YL Lasers, Prima, Trumpf, PRC laser.

  • It works with laser machines made by Rabbit Laser, GW Weike, Yueming, Hans Laser, Beijing New Power, Chutian, Foshan Beyond, Grand Bird, Jinan XYZ, Perfect laser, Suke, and many many more. 

  • Upon ordering, provide your laser machine make/model or brand name to ensure an exact fit.

  • Remove and permanently store antiquated beam alignment tools such as masking tape, card stock, and card stock that is used in an iterative and time consuming procedure, to make room for the visualization tool with continuous viewing for speedy alignment. 

  • Get your quick laser beam alignment today to enable you to reach your true potential because your machine operates properly.

  • Ensure the best quality for the laser cutting and engraving now.

TRADITIONAL ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUES as described by machine owners

  • This laser operator felt the need to say that it is possible to perform laser alignment—emphasizing that it is difficult and time consuming however, can be accomplished.  He said, “It did take a couple hours to get the mirrors aligned due to the crappy design and machining of the parts. I also went through a lot of tape and little wooden disks but it's doable and these Chinese machines work surprisingly well once tuned up and you figure out the confusing software.”   Click here to see online.

  • The laser machine owner just completed a standard alignment then the result is angled cuts and the recommendation is to align the laser to the gantry then do the beam alignment again.  “Just got everything hooked up and alined my mirrors and did a test cut when in the X axis the cut is on an angle not straight up and down I believe it is the X it is the left right axis. How do you get it perpendicular to the table.”  Click here to see online.

  • This laser owner is having difficulty understanding which screws control which direction—and that must be determined or memorized using the traditional beam alignment technique.  She said, “Hi all I am trying to align my mirrors, but I can’t do it,”  Click here to see online.

  • This new laser own spent 18 hour on beam alignment without getting satisfactory results.  He said, “i just bought/recieved my 40w laser from llc company [.] they say its fired /tested in factory but the first mirror was beaming atleast 2 cm above the second mirror . can it be that unadjust by transporting it from china to the netherlands ? anyway got about 18 hours of time sitting in the adjusting and getting the machine to work but still no real nice results[.]  going to order a green laser also with a more visible beam.”  Click here to read online.  

  • “The most important part of CO2 laser maintenance is maintaining the condition of the optical circuit and the alignment of the laser beam so it is exactly the same at all four corners of the table,” says the product manager of a famous CO2 laser machine manufacturer. Read the publication article by clicking here.

  • Time is a consideration as this user vents his frustration, "Wasted half a day trying and failing to get my beam aligned perpendicular to the table on this 1290." Click here to read it.

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