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Mahoney Air Disinfection F500

SKU: MAH-F500-DI34

Regular Price: $contact us

Mahoney Air Disinfection F500

  • 500 yd3/hr air disinfection

  • 110 V AC, 60 Hz, 5 Amps

  • 20000 lumens UV germicidal lamp

  • 16" wide x 18" deep x 35" high, 122 lbs

  • 64 decibals

  • Fits home and office environments

  • Two year warranty on manufacturer defects, two year warranty on UV lamp

  • $4995, free USA shipping

Bell Laser expands Filtration Product Line

Bell Laser has expanded its air filtration product line with the new Mahoney brand Air Disinfectant filter.  This new product quickly de-activates coronovirus and influenza in aerosol form and droplet form in well under one second.  The Mahoney air disinfectant filters will clean your room air by reducing the viruses and bacteria, thus keeping you safer from aerosolized coronovirus (SARS-CoV-2) and droplet form as well.


Our unique approach combines our ten years experience of fabricating and selling air filtration, along with more than ten years of ultraviolet technology utilized in laser machinery--UV technology that is utilized to kill virus and bacteria DNA.  Simply put, this unique product combines a massive ultraviolet lamp with a HEPA filter.  The large lamp produces more than 20,000 lumens of UVC (200-300 nm wavelength) germ killing power that is targeted at the flowing air stream at very close range, thus disinfecting the aerosolized virus (in Brownian motion) and droplet forms that land upon the HEPA filter, to provide by far, the most fastest and effective disinfectant power on the market today.  


The Mahoney Air Disinfection filter provides a much more powerful germicidal approach to coronavirus, influenza, and bacteria than residential, commercial, and industrial devices sold today.  For example, the Germ Guardian residential-grade filter with 5 watt UV lamp has less than 2% of the power of the Mahoney UV lamp.  The Mahoney filter is more comparable to the BOFA international fume extractors, yet with the powerful UV lamp--and priced similarly.  

Why is the Mahoney Air Disinfection device so effective?--It's because the UV lamp's power is strongest when utilized closest to the lamp.  The lamp's power and capability is greatly reduced when the distance from the virus to the lamp is increased.  This is the reason why hospitals that utilize UVC germical lamps in robots, must send the robot into a patient room for 15 minutes or so, to disinfect with the lamp, as the distance from the lamp to the room surfaces (bed posts, furniture, walls, etc.) is much further.  The longer the distance, the less effective the lamp.  Our device uses the full lamp lumination power to deactivate the coronavirus in an area less than a foot, safely inside the device so there is no risk for user exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.


 Do hospitals and airlines use this technology?--Yes, according to the "Recommendations of CDC and the Healthcare Infection Control the Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC)"  they recommend "An HVAC system includes an outside air inlet or intake; filters; " Also, UV germicidal light to disinfect."  Further recomendations include a HEPA filtration system.  See this photo comparing no UVC lamp to having a UVC lamp within an air filtration system, photo from "UVGI Design Basics for Air and Surface Disinfection".



How fast does the device kill Coronavirus?--Lab tests have shown that this lamp power deactivates influenza at a quarter second in time.  See chart above.


 Why do I need air disinfection?  Studies show that the coronavirus can travel quite far in air, such as four and a half meters or about 15 feet.  Same study. Surgical masks do not prevent coronavirus from infecting you.  See  CDC's "The Myths of Respiratory Protection in Healthcare" .   As an aerosol, the coronavirus may travel in the air for long distances and during a long period of time.  " Aerosol transmission is also possible in case of protracted exposure to elevated aerosol concentrations in closed spaces. Analysis of data related to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in China seems to indicate that close contact between individuals is necessary. The spread, in fact, is primarily limited to family members, healthcare professionals, and other close contacts. "


Exactly, how does it work?  The Mahoney device is an effective disinfectant for indoor air and room air that contains aerosolized coronavirus and water droplets (such as from a sneeze) containing coronavirus.  The very high power UV radiating lamp destroys outer membranes and DNA of coronavirus, other viruses and harmful bacteria, thus de-activating them so that they no longer pose a danger or threat to humans and animals.  It does not sanitize, it disinfects (removes a portion). The device does not replace the need for other types of disinfection, such as wiping surfaces clean with a rag with bleach, etc.

How often do I need to service the device or change the filters?  We sell complete packages and spare filters so when you need them you can order them or stock them.  Filters are replaceable as needed. We recommend changing the HEPA filter as needed. If there is high dust or pollution content, this can be as often as twice a year.  Some of our models contain activated charcoal, and depending upon the air quality (whether you live near pollution) will affect the change frequency and can be twice a year for polluted environments.


Reduce the risk factors of coronavirus transmission to you, saving you from this coronavirus respitory disease, and preventing 2019 novel coronavirus infection to you and your family, associates, and others. 

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