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Epilog laser motor replacement service



Regular Price: $798.00  

Sale Price: $390.00

Order Now!

Do not wait. Get your motor before someone else buys out our stock. Do not be left searching for a motor while your laser engraver is no longer operating. Act quickly.

Fix your Epilog Radius, Epilog Summit, Epilog EXT36, Epilog 24TT, Epilog Mini and more.

Motor replacement for Epilog legacy machines. Requires trade-in on old motor.

Rebuilt Nidec C9SEPT11 C9SEP11

Rebuilt Minertia C9SEPT11 C9SEP11


Rebuilt Moog C13-L19 24 

Rebuilt Pittman 48V 512 encoder

Rebuilt Pittman 9236c231 30.3 VDC 512 CPR

Rebuilt Pittman X axis motors

Rebuilt Pittman - 8692A034 R7 MT200 OEMX motor 48 VDC - 05-24-143 - ROHS FOR Epilog Legend 24TT

Rebuilt Epilog Mini X axis motor.

We keep an inventory of rebuilt motors that fit your Epilog laser machinery--so contact us with your motor needs. There are a variety of motor types installed in laser engravers, so provide a photo when available. Use our contact form below.

One year warranty.

After payment, a Return Merchandise Authorization form will be sent, along with a shipping label.  Price includes shipping to and from our facility.

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