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Upgrade Kits for Full Spectrum laser machinery, P-Series CO2 laser machines.


Upgrade laser tubes are RECI Laser brand. This is the premier brand for glass tube lasers.


RECI laser tubes are warrantied for one year, under proper use conditions. In other words, if they are run above the rated power (this is possible by cranking up the power supply current), then the warranty is voided (as clearly visible by the laser tube's burnt/discolored electrodes).  That said, the 130/150 watts is to be run at 130 watts maximum power, day in and day out, even though it can do 150 watts.  And, the 150/180 laser is to be operated at a maximum power of 150 watts.
Upgrade kit includes everything necessary for the laser machine to operate, except your labor and tools to perform installation.
Kits includes laser tube enclosure (it extends beyond the current machine frame). Comes with tool to cut/drill hole.
Importantly, shipping these large and fragile items is included in the prices shown.
All upgrade components carry a one year warranty.
Instruction manual provides clear and simple steps to perform the installation yourself.

$190 rebate paid on returned laser tube, laser power supply, mounting brackets, water device. (You pay postage).

Upgrade Full Spectrum Laser, P-Series models

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