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The premium four inch lens is typically used to achieve a longer vertical cut.  And, for cutting thicker materials.  However, this comes at a price--that being slower cutting speed caused by the larger size of the laser beam.  Therefore, we find that customers using this lens will have higher laser powers such as 60 or more watts.  However, the higher laser power is not needed for some applications, such as cutting thick foam (not a very dense material).


Universal Laser Systems focus lens with holder. 4.0 inch focal length lens.


Premium grade lens quality for highest quality CO2 laser engraving and cutting.

Fits all platforms. Be sure to identify your model in the options section.

Premium 4.0 inch lens Universal Laser Systems Focus Lens w/holder

SKU: CJ20457GF5
$204.00 Regular Price
$143.90Sale Price
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