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Rebate $25 on purchase.

$25 for old broken USA made laser machine parts by Epilog Laser, Universal Laser Systems, Trotec Laser, and Xenetech laser, and Kern Laser, and Vytek laser.

A shipping label will be supplied by us once you package the parts and provide the eweight.


Examples: $25 for a broken Y axis motor and a second rebate for $25 for a broken X axis motor and a third rebate of $25 for a broken motherboard.


Typical items for rebates include:

dead motors, dead electronics, dead touchpanels/LCDs, mechanical assemblies (later upgraded to better parts).


Items not qualified for a rebate: Broken optics, others at our discretion, but please contact us so we can work out something reasonable for your efforts and needs.

Rebate on Store Purchases

SKU: Rebate
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