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Chinese CO2 Laser Power Supply for either the 40 watt or 50 watt CO2 laser tube.Plug and go with this high quality laser power supply.  Purchase a spare laser tube with this supply, to ensure that your laser machine is always up and operational.Comes with plug-in controls adapter so no matter what your laser configuration for controls, you can simply plug in and go. No worries, no hassles, no hours spent trying to figure out why the laser power supply is not operating.  Install quickly and be up and running in several minutes.Buy a quality laser power supply now.Daytime and evening telephone support for any installation by native English speakers.  Don't stay up an night to wait for foreign assistance. Get the questions answered while you are doing the job.

Chinese CO2 Laser Power Supply for 50 watt

  • Brand Name Mahoney
    Packaged Weight 4 pounds
    Product Dimensions 6.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
    Item Model Number MAH-CHPS-50CR
    Shipping Costs

    USPS rates, Internationally $22.

    DHL, FEDEX typical.

    Payment Methods

    Payment using Paypal Electronic Invoicing system for credit cards including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER and Paypal.  No Paypal account required for transaction.



    • This product is great for owners of laser engraving machines, laser engraving systems, laser cutting machines, laser cutting systems.
    • Laser power supply fits CO2 laser tubes rated for 40-50 watts usage.

    • This laser power supply works for high voltage CO2 glass tube lasers including RECI, EFR, Jilin Yong Li, Mactron Technology, North Star Electron, Shanghai Jinke Intelligent Technology, YL Lasers.

    • It works with laser machines made by Rabbit Laser, GW Weike, Yueming, Hans Laser, Beijing New Power, Chutian, Foshan Beyond, Grand Bird, Jinan XYZ, Perfect laser, Suke, Thunder Laser, Shenui, and many many more.




    Input Voltage


    AC frequency


    Cold Surge Current

    ≤60A(AC220V Input)

    ≤30A(AC110 Input)

    Current Leakage

    ≤0.7mA(AC220V Input)

    ≤0.4mA(AC110V Input)


    Maximum Input Voltage

    DC 30KV

    DC 5V

    DC 24

    Maximum Output Current

    DC 25mA




    ≥90﹪(full load)

    Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)


    Response Speed

    ≤1ms(from the switch Signal is given to the output current up to 90% of the setting current)

    Control Interface

    TTL level switch control (details refer to the control terminal specification)


    Input-Output, Input-Shell: AC1500V 10MA 60S


    can work in open-circuit condition for a short time (Require a good protective earthing and avoid arc between the positive and the machine shell)


    Operating Temperature:-30~65℃),Relative Humidity (RH) :≤90﹪

    Cooling Way

    Natural air cooling




  • Is my laser power supply really broken, or is my tube bad?  Watch this instructional video to determine if the Chinese CO2 laser power supply is truly bad.  Includes several individual indicators that the supply no longer works, or works properly.  A bad laser tube is shown here, not a bad power supply--see this video.


    Click for Instructable:  How to test and set a Chinese (China) made CO2 Laser Power Supply to get long life from your CO2 Laser Tube for your Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting Machine System.  Includes an online instruction set, or a downloadable pdf for Instructable members.


    Click for Instructable:  How to convert 220V to 110V on a Chinese CO2 Laser Power Supply Includes an online instruction set, or a downloadable pdf for Instructable members.


    What do these power supply specifications mean to me?


    Protection: with well-grounded enclosure, output circuit of power supply can be open for short time (but arc between positive pole and enclosure should be avoided).  This spec. translates into the following actionable items:  1. When installing the laser power supply, ground the power supply to the enclosure's metal (sandpaper if necessary) to make sure the ground wire from the power supply goes to the laser enclosure, and further, that the laser enclosure is earth ground.  2. Immediately power off if arcing is heard and/or seen (the red wire to the laser can degrade over time, or be installed improperly, so connect properly).  See enclosure arcing here on youtube.  See one method for proper wire connections here on youtube.  This means that you need to listen for arcing because the high voltage wires degrade with use (my 150 watt RECI wire began internaly arcing (inside the insulation) near the tube after about 25 hours of use, so I cut it back and have not had a problem since that time. 


    35KV maximum voltage. This is the absolute maximum power of the power supply according to this spec--though I never saw it when measuring the high voltage.  Now, the way the power supply works, is that it has a "strike" voltage to start the lasing then quickly drops to a steady voltage to maintain the lasing.  If this value is too low for your laser then the laser will not start to lase.

    Conversely, a higher rated power supply will do the job-see example here on youtube. However, if you are going to use a higher power supply, then drop the current down as much as possible while measuring the laser output power. In other words, do not run the laser tube with a higher output power than its rating--make a 60 watt run at 60 watts, not 70 watts or else it will die early.


     Input voltage: AC 220V+30 or AC 110V+20 (to be specified when placing order).  This means that you should put in the correct input AC voltage.  If 220V AC is wrong then you can convert to 110V AC using this instructable.  Or, if you find that your laser is putting out only half its rated power then you know it is wired for 220V AC as this person discovered.


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