EFR CO2 Laser Power Supply for long straight 130 - 150 watt laser tubes.Plug and go with this high quality laser power supply.  Great for laser machinery upgrades to higher power--add options on this order page.   LIMITED TIME OFFER:  Free tube safety enclosure add-on for all combined tube and power supply upgrade orders--provide a photo and measurements at order.  Get trade-in value on your current laser tube, power supply, and chiller.  Comes with plug-in controls adapter so no matter what your laser configuration for controls, you can simply plug in and go. No worries, no hassles, no hours spent trying to figure out why the laser power supply is not operating.  Install quickly and be up and running in several minutes.Buy a quality laser power supply now.Daytime and evening telephone support for any installation by native English speakers.  Don't stay up an night to wait for foreign assistance. Get the questions answered while you are doing the job.

EFR CO2 Laser Power Supply for 130/150 watt

Input AC voltage
Laser Tube Cabling (power supply comes with cable)
Laser Tube


Financing available for CO2 laser gas refills and more
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