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Do not wait. Get your motor before someone else buys out our stock. Do not be left searching for a motor while your laser engraver is no longer operating. Act quickly.


Moog Motor Servomotor for Epilog Laser Engravers including Epilog Legend 24.

Moog servomotor fits Epilog Laser engraving machines. Get the same motor that you know and trust and has worked very well on your laser machine over the years.


Professional refurbishment provides the highest quality, backed with a one year warranty


Fast replacement, no fussing or hassle with trying to fit a substitute motor that has a different physical shape and/or connectors and may never install or fit properly. Get the Moog motor that you know works!


Moog is a trusted servomotor for the highest performance. L19W30 contains rare earth metals for superior performance.


We carry many spare parts for Epilog Lasers, feel free to send a message if you do not see it listed.

Moog Motor Servomotor

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